I’ve been busy this past week, working on a small update (v2.4) for Percolator. This free update will introduce a new brew that I call Ray Ray. Version 2.4 was submitted for review to Apple today, so I expect it to be available in a couple of weeks.

Ray Ray adds prismatic geometry to your percs—I think you will have a lot of fun with it. Check out the example images below!

John Balestrieri

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Last year, I provided a tutorial to recreate the “Woman in Red” image used in the App Store and on the Percolator website. Percolator 2.3 now includes this image as a built-in example, making it easy for anyone to recreate.

In that tutorial, I discussed how the source image has transparency. This important step is not obvious if you are loading the example from within Percolator. Or, if you’ve seen the tutorial, you are like some users who don’t own Photoshop, or even a desktop computer! :)

So, I put together a new video tutorial to show you how to add transparency to your images using just the iPhone or iPad. I use Adobe Photoshop Touch for phone in the tutorial. Have a look:

Important: Adobe has another Photoshop app, Adobe Photoshop Express—which does not have the features you’ll need. If you’re buying an app, make sure it is Adobe Photoshop Touch for phone

Feel free to leave a question or comment below!

John Balestrieri


Update: Percolator 2.3 is now available!

Hi Folks,

Percolator 2.3 was submitted to the App Store on Thursday, March 28th. This will be a free update that includes all the stuff that was in the unreleased 2.2 version, plus some new things. Here’s a complete list of what’s new:


  • A new Brew: Percolator boldly enters the 1960s with “Tripstamatic!”
  • A new Brew: Percolator gets wobbly with “Charmed” circles!
  • A new Serve Tone: “Flash Burn”—A high contrast vignette
  • Even smaller circles with the new Tiny Circles Grind Effect
  • A new Grind Effect: “Woodblock”—Converts your photo to 4 colors before Percolating for a very bold look!

Export & Import

  • Example images make great starting points for your own percs!
  • Maximum ‘Save To Photos’ size is now 3584 pixels! (Maximum export size for iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 4G, and iPad 1 is 2048 pixels.)
  • Customizable image export settings
  • Send to Instagram with the option to Crop
  • Send to a Postcard with Sincerely!
  • Send your Percs to other photo apps or Copy to the Clipboard
  • Import via Paste and from other photo app’s sharing features


  • Support for the 4 inch Retina display
  • Retina support for iPad 3
  • New UI for the Import and Export menus—In addition to the sleek new look, I now have plenty of room to keep adding features.
  • Many tiny improvements that you may not notice, but make Percolator even more awesome.


First, Percolator 2.3 includes several built-in example percolations, including the popular “Woman in Red” image that I covered in a tutorial last year:

These examples have presets that you can apply to your own photos: Load up an example, play with the settings or load your own images and see how it looks:

Next, the new Tripstamatic Brew: Straight from 60s, Tripstamatic can produce some very wild color effects!

Version 2.3 includes a brand new Brew called “Charmed” which creates imperfect circles that look hand-made or pebbly:

There is a new Grind effect called Woodblock. Grind effects are “preprocessing” effects — basically, they run photoshop-like filters or actions, like contrast enhancement or sharpening, on your image before percolating it. Woodblock will posterize your image to 4 colors. The percolation process will have bigger, simpler shapes to work with as well as picking up the limited color palette. There’s a lot of potential here for bold, graphic percolating!

Another new Grind settings allows you to get smaller Circles with a new Tiny Circles setting:

And jumping to the Serve options, the new Flashburn Tone adds a contrast-enhancing vignette:

Finally, the export settings were expanded to offer more functionality:

This release offers higher quality exported images, including uncompressed PNGs. The Large export setting will export a maximum image size of 3072✕3072, while the Original size setting supports images up to 3584 pixels. The maximum export size for iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 4G, and iPad 1 is still 2048✕2048 pixels because of device limitations.

Since a few of you want even higher resolution output for craft or graphic production work, I will be adding PDF export to the next update as a small In App Purchase. The In App Purchase will help me cover Percolator’s ongoing development and free updates, like version 2.3.

I will close with an unedited screen cast—there is no audio—just me loading some sample images and playing around with some new settings.


John Balestrieri