With Percolator 2.0—launching December 13 in the App Store!—your Brew, Grind, and Serve settings import directly into iPhoto, Flickr, Twitter (via TwitPic), Photoshop and PreviewApp so you can remember (and share!) how you got to that perfect perc.

When uploading to Flickr, a default image title (“My Percolation”), and description (The recipe) are set:

Remember, you can always change this in the software you use to upload to Flickr as well. We also set a keyword/tag:

and the camera/device:

Here’s how it looks in iPhoto:

And in Photoshop:

And in PreviewApp:

Download the original photo if you’d like to take a look at the EXIF data.


Photo licensed through iStockphoto.com.


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