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The Percolator iPhone app was developed by John Balestrieri and is published by Tinrocket, LLC.

Extra thanks to our friends at Standard Issue Design!


If you encounter a problem with Percolator, we want to fix it! Please email us and include as much detail as possible. Due to the volume of mail we receive, we can’t guarantee a reply, but rest assured, we read every email we receive.


The main algorithm used in Percolator was developed in 2004, as a small piece of a larger project. This algorithm places circles in the empty areas of images, from the largest possible circle down to the smallest. The software computes a fast solution to a problem area known as circle packing.


Journalists and blogger reviewers may contact [email protected] to inquire about obtaining free download codes for review purposes. Due to high demand, we can only respond to requests that are accompanied by published clippings, URLs to recently published articles, or other proof of credentials.

Extra Thanks

We want to point out some special talent that helped with our new landing page at

  • The retro model photography was shot for us and/or licensed by Alex Galushkoff of RetroAtelier.
  • The music for the Percolator video was composed by Peter Thomas Gromer of Polarlight Sound.