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Percolator, the ultimate photo app, promises an exhilarating experience with its distinct and captivating features. Unleash your creativity and brace yourself for delightful surprises as you navigate through this uniquely crafted photography tool. Elevate your photo-editing game with Percolator—it’s not just an app, but a thrilling journey into visual innovation!

Unleash your creative vision

Simply Apply & TransformOur app empowers you to create captivating visuals with ease.
Intuitive CustomizationTailor each edit to perfection, enhancing your photos seamlessly.
Passionately DevelopedEvery feature is meticulously crafted for a love-infused editing experience.

Why we are loved

Meet Percolator, the most
useful app

Start fresh
Take a new photo or import your finest images from the library. iPhone users can use the front-facing camera. New photos are automatically saved to your film roll.

Capture the moment by snapping a new photo or elevate your editing game by importing your finest images from the library. iPhone users can seamlessly utilize the front-facing camera for that perfect selfie. Rest easy knowing that all your newly edited masterpieces are automatically saved to your film roll.

Simple controls
State-of-the-art algorithms process the image down to your preferred grind. Choose your filter and watch as Percolator does all the work. Serve with milk or enjoy it black.

Revolutionary algorithms meticulously process your image to the perfect grind of your choice. Simply select your preferred filter, and witness Percolator seamlessly handling all the intricate details. Whether you prefer it with a splash of milk or enjoy it in its bold black essence.

Make it to go
Zoom in and pan around to make sure all the details look good. Export to the film roll. Images are exported as JPEG files with a maximum size of 2048 pixels.*

Dive into the details with the ability to zoom in and pan around, ensuring every nuance is perfectly aligned. Once satisfied, export your creation to the film roll for easy access. Rest assured, your images are exported as high-quality JPEG files with a maximum size of 2048 pixels.

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Our happy clients say about us

And here’s Percolator, today’s Best Thing Ever for people who love their iPhone photography.
John Carpenter
—Giles Turnbull, Cult of Macct
“…a truly fun app where you can unleash your creativity.”
Mellisa Spenser
Premium User
“Percolator is an excellent and fun diversion from the large number of vintage and toy camera apps in the App Store.”
Greg Smith
—Life In LoFi: iPhoneography