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Make It Blendy—New Brew Subwheels Coming TOMORROW with Percolator 2.0!

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A good number of our users let us know that they wanted more control over how the original picture and the circles combine in their percolations. We like our users—a lot!—and we know they have high standards for picture percolation, so we knew we needed to come up with something both fun and unexpected for the update. Hence:

Behold!  A proper coffee, keeping its caffeinated cool amidst what appears to be a fairly intense “tablescape.”

Take a moment to notice the new Brew subwheels, Pic and Blend, set at None and Full, respectively. Maybe you’re into the full circle effect—and, don’t get us wrong, that is A-OK by us—but maybe you’d prefer something a little je ne sais quois?


What’s that, you say? Indeed. Click on over to Full / Full and boom—that salt shaker is a little glassier, that spoon is a little more reflective, that cup of coffee a little softer—ah, you can almost imagine that first, delicious sip…  Best of both worlds, one could argue—but we didn’t stop there…

Feast your peepers on this comely array:

Marvel at how the difference in uniform circle opacity changes the overall effect of the percolations. Just think of the variety that will be at your lovely fingertips!

But wait! There’s more! Evaporate, Condense, Lightest, and Darkest work their own, fascinating magic…can you tell what’s going on with these settings? Post your comments and let us know!

Hey Mr. Fancy Pants….

We’ve been having a blast playing with the Brew subwheels in the beta versions of the app and we know you will brew up some spectacular percolations with all of these new options. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Percolator 2.0 is launching TOMORROW in the App Store—and it’s f-r-e-e to current users of the app. Get Blending, people!

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