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Tutorial: “Golden Backgrounds”

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Last year, I provided a tutorial to recreate the “Woman in Red” image used in the App Store and on the Percolator website. Percolator 2.3 now includes this image as a built-in example, making it easy for anyone to recreate.

In that tutorial, I discussed how the source image has transparency. This important step is not obvious if you are loading the example from within Percolator. Or, if you’ve seen the tutorial, you are like some users who don’t own Photoshop, or even a desktop computer! :)

So, I put together a new video tutorial to show you how to add transparency to your images using just the iPhone or iPad. I use Adobe Photoshop Touch for phone in the tutorial. Have a look:

Important: Adobe has another Photoshop app, Adobe Photoshop Express—which does not have the features you’ll need. If you’re buying an app, make sure it is Adobe Photoshop Touch for phone

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John Balestrieri

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