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Percolator 2.0 Press Kit

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The Percolator Press Kit contains:

  • Press Release
  • Features Summary
  • 8 screenshots showing an overview of the interface
  • 9 iPhone & iPad screenshots
  • 8 Full-size output images showing every “Brew”
  • “Before & After” images
  • Percolator Icon & Logo images
  • Tinrocket, LLC Logo

Please note: CMYK versions of all images are available. If you would like to request different assets, or if you have any questions, please Email us:)

Download the Percolator 2.0 Press Kit:

Percolator 2.0 Press Kit

Percolator 2.0 Teaser Video:

The Percolator teaser video is available for embedding from Vimeo:

A mirror of the video is available on YouTube.

Reviews for Percolator 1.x:

“The result — something like a Seurat painting rendered with Microsoft Paint’s circle tool — is unique in the app world.”

WIRED App Guide, October 2011, “24 Outstanding Apps, Photography”

Doctor Popular Picks 10 Great Apps for Photography

The New York Times, August 25th, 2011

“I’m not kidding when I tell you that once you start playing around in Percolator, you’ll never look at pictures in the same way again. Even if you aren’t a professional designer or photographer, you can easily create some off-the-hook stuff to share with the world.”

Chris Pirillo

“Percolator is an excellent and fun diversion from the large number of vintage and toy camera apps in the App Store. It’s a unique, well-done modernist app with a fun retro wink.”

Life In LoFi: iPhoneography

“And here’s Percolator, today’s Best Thing Ever for people who love their iPhone photography.”

Giles Turnbull, Cult of Mac

“…a truly fun app where you can unleash your creativity.”